Monday, January 4, 2016

Superstitions and Folklore: A Granny Sue Compendium

A reader asked me to write a post about the superstitions and related things I knew about. Over the years I've been writing this blog, I've actually written a lot of posts on the topic of folklore, superstitions, and so on. So here is a list of some of them; bookmark it and then you can come back to find the quick fix for whatever situation you might find yourself facing in the future!

This is the tip of the iceberg, of course. For every human activity and every natural phenomena, there are warnings, rituals, and what-have-you in almost all cultures. These Appalachian mountains abound in them and this culture has been written about extensively by scholars and folklorists. I am neither but as a storyteller these feed into my stories naturally, and into my life every day.

So, here's a list of some of my past posts:

by Berthe Morisot
There are, apparently, a lot of things to think about when it comes to getting out of bed in the morning.

And it doesn't end there; you've got to get through breakfast and other things too.

These might be a little late, but I hope you managed to start the New Year right anyway.

Then there are those scary black dogs...

And a lot of other things to do and beware of when it comes to spooks and haints.

Of course, you need to know about rabbits on the first day of each month.

The moon, too has its share of superstition and folklore.

If you've traveled in the South, you might have wondered about the bottle trees scattered here and there in people's yards.

Beware of fairies if you're strolling through a meadow! Click here to learn more about the little folk,

And learn what to do or not do, and what it means, when you see a shooting star,

and how to get ready for winter, the folklore way.

Doing all of these might keep you safe in any situation! Happy reading!

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  1. Thank you! & I will be enjoying reading through these.

    I do remember some of these posts as I browse through & it's so kind of you to compile the list for me.

  2. I like the moon lore. It always intrigues me!


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