Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Slow Winter Days, and Piddling with Junk

The weather has turned back to winter after a few days of faux spring. Today I am taking advantage of the chance to hole up, not really getting into anything major. Just piddling, as my Dad would have said. After the busy, busy few days when our youngest son was here from Miami for a visit, it's felt pretty good to take some r&r. We sure miss him though--it was like old times to have him back around the house, and a real pleasure to have the chance to see our other sons too. Thank goodness the weather cooperated!

We did get in some junking time on the trip back from dropping him off at the Columbus airport, and I spent most of yesterday sorting, washing, researching and pricing. Here's a look at some of what we found--and before you ask, that basset hound is already sold nad on his way to his new home. He sure was cute, though.

 Lots of odds and ends--an aluminum juicer, a lid for a Pyrex casserole (I never pass up one of these lids because sooner or later I will end up with the casserole, needing a lid), an old metal starburst style clock, a funny "fisherman" pottery mug, corn dishes, a green Pyrex bowl, ceramic duck...

Corning casserole that I just happened to have the candle warmer cradle for, a brass crucifix,

pretty pink Depression creamer and Anchor Hocking Manhattan bowl, a pink diamondpoint shaker in need of a lid (which I probably have here somewhere),

Old pop bottles--one made in Middleport, Ohio, just across the river from us, one made in Fairmont, WV and saved back for my son who lives there, and one 75th anniversary Coca-Cola bottle, a little doll who needs some lovin', a red-headed woodpecker figurine because I can't seem to pass up birds, a silverplate heart,
 a funny, old mug made in Germany that says "I'm not greedy I just like a lot." The Tappan salt and pepper shakers will go with the Tappan stove we have for sale at our Riverbend booth.

Then there is this coal miner's lunch bucket with a cool repair to the handle and a set of aluminum camping pots that all stack together,

a set of 3 metal apple canisters, probably from the 30's, a funny short round basket, jars, a spoon holder,

 (here's that basket--it probably holds a half bushel),

a cobalt eyewash bottle,

a couple more Pyrex pieces and a Dietz lantern chimney,

 this old iron that probably isn't worth anything but it was only $1.00 and I liked it. and it works! In the background is a set of 4 Cheinco metal canisters with a mushrooms design.

Then two Mason jars to add to my growing collection. Neither of these are anything special, though.

We also hooked up with a guy who tears down buildings and have been picking up some cool things from him--old ladders, old barn doors, windows, old license plates, bottles and all kinds of assorted junk. I think this could be a beautiful relationship, if we don't get too swamped with stuff.

Getting everything cleaned up and priced takes time, and it's the kind of work that has suited me this week since I seem to be in an energy slump. So this, and eBay, have been my excuse for taking a break from painting furniture and other projects I really need to get back to. Just don't tell Larry--he really thinks I'm working!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Great finds. Lots of work getting stock ready.

Michelle said...

This is a great collection of stuff! I love going through things like this. The cobalt eyewash bottle is my favorite.

Susan Anderson said...

Pretty neat bunch of stuff. I especially like the pink glass.


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