Sunday, March 6, 2016

And Even More Finds

Winter is the time to stock up a little for the booths and we took Friday to do just that. This is just a small portion of what we found. It doesn't include the two crosscut saws, the red and white porcelain table top, the shelf unit or quite a few other things. We also brought home 3 sheets of 1/4" plywood--a great find at a good price for repair work, replace backs on cabinets, etc, but not exactly vintage!

Here's a look at the smaller items:

Those odd-looking mugs are Starbucks mugs and carry a pretty impressive resale value. The plate front and center is an old eapg pattern that I have yet to identify. It's a keeper for my own collection. The butter dish on the left corner is Anchor Hocking's Wexford pattern and I sell them as fast as I find them. The little blue bowl is a Pyrex 401 that goes with the Primary Colors mixing bowl set, and the green teapot is a McCormick pot with a removable infuser--very cool. I was looking online and found an interesting article about this pot. MCCormick was a spice company located in Baltimore and I remember their cans in my own spice cabinet. They had a tea room at their plant and they sold or gave away these teapots as premiums.

A clock I repainted this week. It was a pretty sad little $2.00 find but some General Finishes Lamp Black paint and touches of gold glaze really perked it up.  The tree face? Oh yeah, Tree Man is staying right here!

I picked up some other mugs along with the Starbucks ones, and this cute metal vintage shelf. And another rooster salt shaker to join the one I already have.

Here's a better look at the teapot. The goblets are Fostoria's Virginia, already listed on eBay. The pink bud vase is a keeper for my collection and the juice jar will replace mine that didn't have a lid.

A closer look at those mugs, and a Fenton barber bottle. I think the salt and pepper shakers are Fostoria, but I need to find matching tops for them.

A better pic of the Wexford butter dish and cream pitcher.

This mug and the pretty English tin in the front corner listed and sold in a couple hours. The mug surprised me with how fast it sold, a 99-cent find that went for $21.00. It's marked Takahashi.

Poor little piggy planter has a small crack but I bought him anyway. It may be a wasted dollar, or I might find him a new home with someone who thinks he's as cute as I do.

This was an interesting find. I picked it up at a local Goodwill store, and the clerk looked at it and then said to the store manager, "I don't think this was supposed to go out on the shelves." Apparently Goodwill stores hold back things they consider valuable to be shipped to for sale there. That's kind of a bummer but I guess not surprising. i researched this and found it is Bohemian glass, made in the 1960's. There are little faux gems imbedded in the glass. Just a gorgeous little thing.

A 1960's-70's Indiana glass compote with its original box was another pretty cool find,

along with an old industrial-look metal clock and some porcelain light fixtures. I love that porcelain knob on the pull chain.

I've sold a few candelabra like this one. I need to clean the silverplate and then it will be a right beauty.

Not old, but pretty--a mirror with some French wording in the frame.

One of my best finds--a Betsy Ross Bread menu board that came out of a small general store in Wood county, not far from here. 

That was Friday's haul, along with a few things from earlier in the week. All in all, it has been some good junking! Everything is now priced and either in totes ready for the booths, or listed on eBay. That's where the work comes--the fun of buying is one thing, but then it's research, cleaning, pricing and packing time.

I hope you recent thrifting has brought you some great finds too!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Great thrifting Sue. Love seeing your finds before they are packed for your booths and ready for your ebay sales.

Susan Anderson said...

Such a cute clock, and I love the butter dish, too. We have a tree face rather like that one on our live oak, and I also have the blue bowl that I inherited from my hubby's mom.


Michelle said...

I really enjoy seeing your finds. You have some great ones!

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