Thursday, March 31, 2016


Last September I visited my storyteller friend Lorna Czarnota in Buffalo, NY, and while there we went to see Niagara Falls once again. I've been there several times but never can get enough of the power of that water. It's a stunning place that drives home the reality of how small we humans really are in the natural world, and how easily that world can just take us out. We are so sure of our dominance, and yet so fragile.

Less than a month later, I found a large platter at a local thrift shop and picked it up, thinking the pattern looked like Niagara Falls, but was that really what it was?

As it turned out, yes it was--the platter was made by an unknown company around 1898 and depicted a scene of the Falls. It's apparently a fairly rare piece so I was thrilled to have found it for $2.00. It reminded me of being at the Falls, and of being with my friend, so I put it on display on my buffet.

I love the detail in this platter.

A month or so later I was at an antique mall and came upon this picture in a nice vintage metal frame.

I bought it to re-sell, but you know, once I got it home...well,  it went on the table by the couch. And then, a few weeks later, I found this:

Now Niagara is beside me in my favorite reading place every day. 

What is it about this place that it keeps coming into my life? I do not know, but I am happy to welcome reminders of one of our country's most beautiful places, a natural wonder of the first order. I may have to start a Niagara collection--I saw on eBay that there are cups and saucers and other pieces that match my plate!

I hope I will see the Falls again sometime soon, but until I do, I can always just enjoy the pieces I've found, and the stories in my friend Lorna's book, Wicked Niagara.

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Quinn said...

I love images of places that conjure up the feelings we experienced at the place itself. And especially when it's something that just goes right to the heart in some way. When I come across one of the few pictures I took amongst the sequoias of the Sierra Nevada, I always breathe a little deeper.

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