Monday, March 21, 2016

On the Story Trail

Last Friday was a storytelling day at a school in West Virginia's northern panhandle.

Sometimes when I've had a long break from performing, I start wondering why I do it. I think about the stress, wonder if I can even remember the stories, look at all the space in my house taken up by books and files and totes and suitcases of program materials. I think about the time I spend looking for stories, developing them, doing all the paperwork and the hassle with income taxes and I think, "Why am I doing this? Why don't I just retire and give it up?"

Then I go into a school, a library, in front of some group, and it all comes back. The joy. The faces. The pull of the stories. The richness of it all.

And I'm right back into it, as enthusiastic and happy and eager for the next gig as I was when I first found this magical calling.

Tomorrow I head south for a different kind of audience--teachers. Storytelling first, then following up with a workshop. Tonight I'm stressing, wondering if I have everything, if I'm ready, if they'll be ready to participate and have fun with me.

And tomorrow night I will be back at the motel, no doubt feeling the glow from the very good time, the good people and all the stories. Because that's just how it always goes.

Which is what keeps me coming back to the faces and the voices and most of all, to the stories.

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Michelle said...

I can tell you from experience, that teachers always enjoy a good story. Hope you have a great time!

Susan Anderson said...

It's a wonderful gift, storytelling.


Gretel said...

I am convinced that your storytelling sessions are wonderful experiences. but I do know what you mean about the stress - I feel the same about my workhops, but like you, once I'm doing it, everything is fine.

Brighid said...

Enjoy, and thank you for your service. It is an important thing you do.

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