Saturday, March 12, 2016

One of Those Days: The Riverbend Booths

Did you ever have a day that starts with a plan, and then along the way the plan goes south? So you punt, change directions and soon find yourself in the middle of a whole new plan?

That was yesterday. It was a good day, really, but just different than expected. Because I expected to go to Spencer to pick up an iron bed and some other things from a couple pickers. We got ready and were headed out when I realized that, 1) I hadn't let one of them know we were coming, and 2) I hadn't called the other to be sure he remembered we were coming. So on the way up the driveway I called #2 and he'd forgotten. I couldn't get hold of number 1. Hmmm.

Back to the house, and we decided to do something that had been holding fire for a month: take a large dresser/chifferobe to our Ravenswood booth. We'd been holding up on it because it was heavy and neither of us looked forward to moving it out to the van. But it was smack in the middle of our log room and both of us were tired of walking around it.

And since we were going to Ravenswood, we might as well take a few other things, right? Like the GEM cistern pump. And two skinning boards. And the little stool I just finished up. And some wood baseball bats. And a tote of all kinds of stuff. And a mirror I'd just stenciled. And a couple glass jugs. And...

The van was full by the time we finished grabbing this and that and we spent the rest of the day rearranging the booth to fit the new things in. Fortunately we'd sold a desk and a large set of china and several other things so we had spaces to fill. Even if there had not been empty spaces, I'd have got it all in there somehow!

So here's how the booths at the Riverbend Antique Mall look now.

I finished this little table last week and took it to Ravenswood. Yesterday I placed the stenciled "Paris" mirror on the back of it.

The second shelf here held that large set of china that finally found its forever (I hope) home. It was really lovely but I am glad to see it move on. That left me space for all the things I'd had in the top of the secretary desk we sold this week-we'd moved it in two weeks ago and never even got a photo of it before it was gone.

The oval mirror has been in the vintage clothing booth where I had a lot of things. That booth is now downsized and I needed to move a lot of things out, so the mirror is now in my booth, and for sale. Beside it are two skinning boards that people like for crafting and for primitive decor.

I painted this shelf last week too. I'm not really happy with how I have it staged but I'll get back to it soon.

The Tappan Deluxe is such a great place to display vintage kitchenware.

Another look at the turquoise shelf, and a corner shelf I also painted last week.

Some crate rearranging to make space for the new stuff.

And here's that dresser/chifferobe that started us out on our restocking day. It's not antique, probably 70's-vintage, but it's very solid and in nice shape. I've priced it low in hopes it will also move on quickly.

I found a couple red,white and blue small crates that were perfect to display these flag glasses.

A little stool that I might have showed here before, completed just the other day. It came out so pretty.

All neat and tidy!

I think it was a productive day in the end, and I'm glad our plans changed so we would quit procrastinating over that dresser. The log room feels so much bigger now! Of course, now I have a china cabinet in there that's about half-painted...

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Lovely Sue.

Susan Anderson said...

Well done!


Michelle said...

Are those some old ironing boards I spy?!!!

Granny Sue said...

Thank you, Joy! Still learning :)

Granny Sue said...

Thanks, Susan!

Granny Sue said...

Michelle, those are skinning boards you're seeing, lol! I did have an ironing board in here but it sold last week.

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