Thursday, March 10, 2016

Spring is Springing...Maybe?

The first daffodils opened in my gardens today. What a welcome sight! Last year they were several weeks later than this so I am happy to see them coming into bloom now. I need to get my beds cleaned out--I raked a bit today, just getting started. 

It was too pretty to stay inside. The sky was so blue, and the air so soft and full of birdsong.

Larry plowed the gardens and reported that the lettuce is up in the hot bed. We tried something different this year, digging down a ways and filling the hole with chicken manure, then covering it with about 6 inches of dirt, planting our seeds in that. Then the bed was covered with wet newspapers and a window glass. We've had bad luck the past couple years getting our early lettuce to germinate, and this seems to have done the trick.

I took a painting project out on the deck. It's such a good place to work, except for those little doobies that fall out of the maple trees. This china cabinet is getting a coat of white chalk paint (Annie Sloan) and will be turquoise on the inside.

It was just a perfect day, even if my morning was given over to paperwork. We finished up with the firepit and a late dinner. Tomorrow rain showers return, the weatherman (and the rain crow) says, so we're hoping to get some young fruit trees transplanted so that they can settle in easily.

Ah Spring! Welcome back, my friend!

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