Friday, April 29, 2016

Feathered Visitors on a Rainy Day

Yesterday was one of those spring days I dislike. It started well enough but then turned hot, humid and sticky, with occasional breaks when it stormed or showered. The ground is now beyond saturated; even here on the hill we have standing pools in the grass.

But the birdfeeder action has been a real pleasure. This fellow came by for a visit, and he's still here today. I'm beyond happy because we rarely have seen a rose-breasted grosbeak here. It may be because the feeders were a good ways from the house and we mistook these birds for some other species. Now that we've moved the feeders closer we're able to see who's visiting a lot more clearly.

The grosbeak and the red-bellied woodpecker got along quite well, apparently deciding that there was plenty for both.

He's a handsome fellow, isn't he, with that rosy-red breast?

Munching down!

The grosbeak showing me his better side??

The little pine siskins are still with us and I have really enjoyed their twittering in the trees around the house. These little guys are very vocal, and quite comfortable with us nearby.

 You can barely see the touch of yellow on this bird--that is what made me think at first that these were goldfinches who were just getting their summer color.

A better look at the pine siskin, and you can see the yellow here too.

I am hoping we see more of the migratory birds in the coming weeks. The hummingbirds have returned, just two so far, but perhaps more are on the way. 

There's something that makes me happy when I see the various birds coming to the feeders. Maybe it's knowing that their arrival marks the true return of warmer weather. Or maybe it's just seeing them flitting about and knowing that they're eating insects. Or maybe it's just the colors of them, and they're beautiful songs. The truth is, it's all of those things.

Happy bird-watching, my friends!


Quinn said...

I've been enjoying more species at my birdfeeder this Spring, too! But I haven't seen a pine siskin yet this year, and never a grosbeak though I know other folks see them around here. Maybe yet to come!
Have a great - and hopefully dry - weekend, Sue!

Jenny said...

I love watching the birds. I do hate the squirrels though. I'm looking for a good feeder with a squirrel baffle to save some for the birds.

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