Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Memorable May

I am stunned when I look back over the past month and realize all that we accomplished. We knew it would be a busy month, but it was even more so than we envisioned. Now here we are as the month draws to a close, and we can look back and check so many things off the to-do list. And also reflect on the many blessings that came our way.

Today we are just home from the last family event of the month, our granddaughter Grace's graduation from high school in Grant county, WV, which is on the other side of the state from where we live. We were so happy for her, and especially proud that she graduated summa cum laude.

It was a beautiful trip across this state we love. We took the "old" way, Route 55 to Route 33, instead of the new Corridor H which is a better road, and four lanes instead of 2. But we had time, and we just wanted to see some of the places along the route we've traveled for years to see this oldest son and his family.

And so to home. It's very hot here, in the upper 80's, so we've turned on an air conditioner for the first time this year.I think this evening will be chill time, in more ways than one--sitting inside in the cool, and chillin' with a movie as we reflect with joy on this month so full of family and love.

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Rowan said...

Congratulations to your granddaughter on her graduation. You and your son must be very proud of her.The route you took across the state looks a lot pleasanter to travel than a four lane highway too.

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