Thursday, May 5, 2016

GGRR! Not a Growl, the Great Greenbrier River Race!

What do a bank president, an industrial electrician, and a middle schooler have in common (besides being related, of course)? GGRR!

Last weekend was the 30th annual Great Greenbrier River Race, a triathlon event with running, kayaking, and biking as its components. Family members have been taking on the race for the past 6 years, and this year we had three entrants--oldest son George, fourth son Aaron and Aaron's son James, who will be 15 this summer.

James, Aaron, George, and George's college friend Jeff, just before the race started

James was feeling good before the race start!
Aaron visiting around with other competitors before the race

George stands quietly waiting at the starting line. 

Waiting, waiting, waiting...

and on the river, the kayaks await the runners. My guys' kayaks are the second blue one in front, the red one and the red and yellow one behind the red one. The river was high and running fast.

 And they're off! The beginning is a three-mile run (thanks for the correction, George!) and it was pretty amazing to see how fast some of these runners made it to their boats. The race was divided into groups: men, then women, then teams. that made the start a lot smoother than the years when everyone started together.

George looked pretty comfortable at the take-off.

Here he is, heading for his kayak--can you see him in the gray and black? 

Aaron was just a couple minutes behind George, and was already taking off by the time I got there for a photo.
James in his kayak, heading downriver.

The next time we saw the guys, they were coming in on their bikes. The race was very fast this year. I don't know how long the kayak section is (now I know--4 miles!), but the bike section is 10 miles. The first guy in crossed the line in an hour and 25 minutes. George finished in an hour and 39 minutes, and Aaron only 2 minutes behind at an hour and 41 minutes. James was just doing it for fun (he;s actually a motocross competitor), and finished in 2 hours 11 minutes.

George and Aaron after the race. I never did get one of James afterwards, daggone it!
Usually I have photos of the guys as they come in on their bikes. I thought I'd try for a video this year, and totally messed it up. Ah well, there will be next year!

And after all the racers were done, the awards handed out and the people gone home, the Greenbrier River returned to its usual quiet, beautiful self.

See you in June, River, for Allegheny Echoes!

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George Ford said...

The run is actually three miles, then the kayak is 4 miles

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