Thursday, May 12, 2016

How Time Does Fly

Granddaughter Kate is graduating from college this weekend! Seems like just days ago that she was:

playing with masks in my storytelling room,

hanging out with Baxter on the courthouse lawn in Ripley,

experiencing her first time as an aunt, and being there at the birth of her niece,

making spoon puppets with the other grandkids,

being silly on a rock at Blackwater Falls with her sisters when they were on a storytelling trip with me,

and graduating from high school--pictured here with her four sisters and her granny (me!). 

I'm leaving this evening to fly to Virginia so I can be there for the ceremony. But my, how the years have flown by.

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Brighid said...

Thrilled for you and her!
My oldest granddaughter graduated from Southwestern college this past weekend. Most of the family flew out to share in that wonderful event. Sadly I wasn't able to go (no one to stay with dad).
They grow up so fast!

Susan Anderson said...

Congratulations to her…and you…on a landmark occasion.


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