Friday, May 20, 2016

Marietta Booth Update and a Few Other Things

Are you feeling like the days aren't long enough right now too? We are over our heads in garden work, booth work, house work...and then there are so many family events this month too. That's a good thing, all happy occasions. We're just cramming to find time to get to everything that needs to be done.

We've had some good sales at our booths lately. The pink dressing table, the little primitive desk, a big dresser, just to name a few of the bigger items, and then there are all the smalls. This is all good too, but it has kept us hopping to keep things tidied up and restocked.

This week we took another Hoosier-style cabinet to Marietta.

This one we did not repaint or restore beyond cleaning, a few catches to replace missing ones, and a little sturdying up. It's oak under some parts that we could see where the paint was off, but we decided to leave it as is.

Some people like the rustic, primitive look in their homes and this will fit that style nicely.

I have had no time to paint these past two weeks. I was away for four days so that meant lots of catching up when I got home. So, no new projects to show yet. We've been taking in things that are ready to go with no additional work on our part. It's kind of nice!

One afternoon this week on our way home from a booth we stopped in at a local thrift store, and I found these dishes. The funny thing is, another reseller I know was already looking at them, but passed them up. I knew that patterns like this one, with a space age-y look, are popular among the MCM (mid-century Modern) decor people, so I put them in my buggy. You can imagine how stunned I was when I looked them up and found that the $8.00 worth I'd picked up were going to bring in about $600! So far, I've sold $458 worth of them and still have listings for $223. This money is going directly into our savings for our trip to England this fall. What a nice windfall though.

A few more performances for this summer have come in this week too, so I have been sending out contracts and such, getting those into my performance schedule. You can check it in the tabs above to see what's been added. This summer will not be as busy for storytelling as last year, and I'm fine with that. Last year was awesome but I had so little time at home that it seemed like I missed the entire month of July. This month's schedule will be more reasonable and I can make up the income on eBay if I am home more. I am getting the feeling that I am slowing down on traveling so much. It didn't happen intentionally but I can see a shift in how I plan. I am a homebody. I like being here and mucking about with home things. Long drives are beginning to have an effect these days; the following day or two I just feel worn out. I don't know; I'm just going to see how things flow.

Today I am working on gardens, planting more flowers and pulling weeds...and pulling weeds....and pulling weeds. The flower beds aren't doing well this year--too many perennial weeds have got footholds in them and the constant rain hasn't helped that situation. I'm thinking I may be taking some beds out next year and maybe starting new ones, just to get a better grip on the situation. They still look pretty, though;maybe it's just my usual feeling of being overwhelmed by the work they need at this time of year. And while we were taking a coffee break, we were visited by a migrating Baltimore Oriole--the first time Larry has ever seen one. A nice perc of the job!

More family events are coming up this weekend, so I need to get back to work. Maybe there will be blogging time in the coming weeks as things begin to settle down a bit. I hope so. I miss my usual time to write, and seeing your comments.

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veryordinary annie said...

Love the old Hoosiers, and those dishes, who would have thought they were worth so much?
Hope you enjoy some more days at home!


Brighid said...

You are a busy woman...

Rowan said...

Hope you enjoy your family events, summer always seems to be busier than the rest of the year doesn't it?

Gretel said...

Ooh, scrummy atomic Mid-Century ceramics, gorgeous! If you are up Shropshire way on your trip to England, let me know!

Quinn said...

Nice find on those dishes!
I've been trying to weed a few minutes early every morning. Probably lose the battle, but putting up a fight first ;)

Susan Anderson said...

I find myself sticking to home a little more than I used to as well. I love puttering around this old place.


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