Thursday, July 14, 2016

Allegheny Echoes: At Camp

The old camp I stayed at during Allegheny Echoes  is in a lonesome place, at least most of the time. The Greenbrier River Trail passes in front so the occasional bike, runner or walker passes by, but otherwise it is quiet, with just the bees, birds and other wildlife for company. There's no TV, no cell service and although there is a radio and stereo it is seldom used because the real music, the real news is right outside:

deer making their morning pass-through,

birds about their business, berries ripening and flowers blooming.

After all, when our man-made madness is gone, these are the ones who will take over and rebuild to suit themselves.

Consider the abandoned buildings you have seen, and how the vines grow over, around and even inside. Birds nest, raccoons and other varmints make their homes inside, bees build hives in the walls and before too many years nature has reclaimed the space that was hers in the first place.

This old camp will likely go that way one day. It has seen better days to be sure, and the critters try to take over whenever the camp is not occupied for a while.

But for now it's a space of beauty and rest, a place to recharge worn batteries and to recall what is best and good in life.

a flood measuring board; the river is just a few hundred yards away. This was used for the railroad that used to run
along what is now the Greenbrier River Trail.

This strip of paper was on the porch floor. Think it was a message for me?

Run it slow today, my friends. It's too hot to do otherwise!

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