Tuesday, July 5, 2016

The Day After: The Fairplain Antique and Flea Market

The van is unloaded. The crates, totes, boxes and flotsam is organized and pretty much put away. The truck is still full but we will wait until tomorrow to put away tables, planks, sawhorses and other things that won't be hurt by the weather.

Groceries have been bought for the first time since Mid-June except for the milk-and-bread-toilet paper-and-wine runs. Necessities, you know.

The laundry is caught up. The bills are mostly paid. The trash has been taken out or burned.

The money has been put in the bank--a big ol' pile of ones and fives with a nice amount of other denominations and a few checks. The bank teller's eyes looked funny until I told her what we'd been doing. Guess she thought I was a drug dealer or something.

Larry is out checking on his gardens after 5-6 days of neglect. He is also refilling bird feeders and cussing at the red squirrel who is helping himself to the feeder while we're away.

The antique/flea market was a lot of fun, a lot of work and a ton of sweat. We finished emptying our booth this morning, which was much easier than filling it.  We made 150% of our goal, bought some cool stuff, traded with other vendors and downright gave away stuff we had no intention of bringing home. We met some of the coolest people and earned strong respect for those who do this every weekend. What tough people they must be! We are wimps, worn out and limping after this week of work. But we're more than satisfied.

Tonight all I plan to do is watch a movie. Or maybe two. And drink a glass of wine. Or maybe two.

Tomorrow morning we get back to the routine, loading the van to restock Ravenswood, then re-loading storytelling things for Thursday and Friday's performances in the northern panhandle. I'll be tired again by Saturday but it will be a different, yet no less satisfied tired.

Back to our regularly scheduled program...

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janet smart said...

Hi Susanna. Wish I had gotten up there to see you. But, we didn't get up there to the flea market this year. Glad you did good.

Rowan said...

Glad that you had a successful time at the Antiques/Flea market. I can well imagine that events like that involve a lot of time and effort.

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