Friday, September 2, 2016

Morning Walk

We've been walking in the mornings, trying to get in some sort of shape for our trip. We have lots of company; all three dogs and both cats usually go with us providing escort service. The first part of our walk is the most challenging since it's pretty much all uphill for the first quarter mile or so, but then it's easier going. I am finding that each day I do better at pulling the hill, especially if it is not humid--humidity really makes my asthma act up.

Today the weather has broken again. The heat and humidity are gone and the air was so crisp this morning I put on a sweatshirt to drink my tea on the porch.

A few leaves are falling and it's clear that the season is slowly beginning to shift.

It is perfect walking weather.

Larry has been bringing a stick with a spike on one end and a porcelain door knob on the other to pick up trash as we go. So far we've gathered four grocery bags full, about 50% beer cans and the rest pop and water bottles and a few other bits and pieces.

It's very quiet here in the mornings. During our walk we usually hear no cars or other human-made sounds, just wind and birds and woods noises. Today was glorious, the coolest of breezes, the brilliant sun, dew still on the grass. A few flowers are blooming along the way.

The dogs have a wonderful time exploring all along the edges of the road, rough-housing and sniffing every tree, or so it seems.

This morning a young buck crossed a little ways ahead of us. The dogs started after it but I called them back--and good dogs, they came. They love these mudholes along our way!

I don't know the name of this grass, but it is stunning in the morning light.

The neighbor's horses greeted us on our return.

And back to our own driveway, to home and breakfast. It's a fine way to start the day, and even finer now that the weather is cool enough to really enjoy it.

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Rowan said...

I start every day with a walk of a couple of miles or so. It sets me up for the day and even when I set off feeling under the weather with a cold in winter I always feel better when I get back. Early morning walks are the best!

annie said...

Sounds wonderful!

Anonymous said...

The church is looking pretty.

Beverly Jeans said...

Is that a picture of Mount Hope? I can believe I stumbled onto your blog. This is the cemetery where my Mom, Grandma and Grandpa are buried. My grandpa's land is just down the road. So beautiful there. I miss it and love seeing your photos.

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