Monday, November 21, 2016

Around the House

Part of gathering in at this time of year is nesting, at least for me. After a couple months of not being here as much as I'd like, now I'm cleaning and doing a little rearranging while I'm at it.

I've had the mirror in this photo since spring, but when we went to hang it we realized that it was so heavy we'd have to pick a sturdy wall for it. Now it's found a home in the log room behind my paperweight collection.

This is all Blenko glass, and they call the shaded gold to red color tangerine--most glass makers call it amberina.

The main change on the buffet was to lighten it up! I had all kinds of stuff on there, so believe it or not this is a lot less than what was there before. Still too much, so some of this will go to a booth in the future.

This project was something I've wanted to do for 40 years--ever since I've lived here. It was a small thing, one of those that just gets pushed back because it's not that important. But finally, Larry got a shelf put up along the windowsill so I could put some stained glass panels (and more Blenko) up there. It's gorgeous when the sun shines through.

This is a new shelf--someone on the Blenko Facebook page recommended these Ikea shelves as perfect for displaying Blenko and I think they're right. All except two pieces here are Blenko. Care to guess which ones?

In the log room again-- the table got a little facelift with a red cloth and again, less stuff on it. Several decanters are now for sale in my booths.

 The reds and golds seem to add a warm touch to the house. I changed the crystal vase that was on this table for a red Blenko decanter missing its stopper. And again, thinned out what was on the table. A few pieces of Hofbauer Byrdes sold on eBay. I hated to see them go, but I am glad those baskets are no longer making me worry about them getting broken.

It's a small dent in the work that needs to be done to get ready for decorating, but it feels good to at least make a start. Tomorrow, I'll be working on the Thanksgiving menu and putting up the deer meat Larry brought home today. Simple things. They are life's best, and most often overlooked, pleasures.

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