Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Back to the Booth: Marietta

Work is my antidote. Whenever I am worried, disturbed, upset, or grieving I work, so after the election I got back to working on my booths. Here are a few photos of some new things we added at our Marietta, Ohio booth at the Antique Mall of Marietta. Not my best photos, since I forgot my camera and my phone just doesn't do well at Marietta.

 I had this little pinup lamp in my kitchen for a while--I just liked its message!

The pitcher and bowl is a married set, but I think they go well together. I loved the pink milk glass dish by Jeannette.

Well, everyone needs a rusty olf Chevy tailgate, right?

Shelf elf, iron shaped glass dish and duck-shaped brass bookends, along with a colorful fish are all new additions.

This beautiful Hoosier still needs a home. It's great as a display piece in the meantime anyway.

A couplr new art pieces. That 70's macrame' is pretty cool.

A vintage plastic Santa ornament, just because.

Elvis mugs, musical note ornaments and a Frosty bookend by Viking seem comfortable together on top of the Victrola.

Teapots! This is just a drop in the bucket (or should I say teapot?) of the many I have for sale.

I especially like this teapot with the elephant theme.

A coatrack holds an eclectic mix: vintage uniforms, miner's hardhat, and vintage handbags.

Red and green on the porcelain-topped table.

And assorted odds and ends...new addition here is the wall-mounted coffee grinder just visible behind the round light.

That's a quick look at a few changes. More to come when I get back there with my camera.

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Quinn said...

Thanks for sharing! I understand about working hard during difficult times. I used to split wood on such days. Sure wish I still could!

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