Monday, November 28, 2016

Booth Update: Marietta

We worked for hours, literally, on our Marietta booth yesterday while we waited on some people who wanted to look at a few things we had there. They never showed up, but the booth got a good going-over and we added lots of new things, so it was a good day after all.

Getting in the holiday mood with green Anchor Hocking glasses and pitcher, and some budweiser Cydesdale pilsner glasses.

I loved this long framed piece featuring New Yorker covers. The woven seat chairs are in front of a rusty old Chevy tailgate.

More green! I don't know who made this set, but it's heavy and has an interesting design.

A glass dome, globe bookends, musical note ornaments co-exist on top of a victrola.

Teapots! Lots to choose from here, along with an antique apple peeler, a chrome percolator (it works) and a lovely tureen with its ladle.

A friend recently hooked me up with a family that wanted to get rid of boxes and boxes of afghans and linens. These are just a few of them. Beautiful workmanship in these cozy pieces.

Tick tock goes the clock(s). Vintage clocks fascinate me.

Holidays strike again with these two lamps.

A better look at the chairs. These are in really nice shape.

Aprons, anyone?

Framed art, a huge old trunk, beer stein ornament and Budweiser mugs.

This dressing table might come home and get a mirror and some paint added.

Seems like I'vee added a llot of beer items! The big deer is another metal beer sign.

Two Hoosiers at Marietta. These take a while to sell but they make great display pieces meanwhile.

That's all for this post. I have many more pics from Marietta I'll share later.

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Quinn said...

I always enjoy these updates :)

Michelle said...

The two hoosiers look great. I have one and there is nothing like having it in the kitchen. They are perfect cabinets.

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