Monday, November 7, 2016

Do the American Thing: VOTE

We have come to the end of a bitter, difficult campaign, my friends. Most of us are glad it's over. Whatever the outcome, please do what we all should value: vote. We are blessed in this country, with the right to speak our minds, have strong opinions, and vote.

Whoever wins, I hope we will do what Americans do best--pull together and work together to solve our problems. It is what makes us a great nation, these great people of our land.

Sending my prayers heavenward that the transition will be peaceful and filled with the spirit of hope that we can move forward, heal our rifts and continue the path of greatness, graciousness and dignity that has defined  us throughout history.

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Quinn said...

Amen to that, Sue!

Deb Del said...

I'm praying right along with you!!!!

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