Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanks Giving: Reflection

The original Thanksgiving story seems more than a little ironic this year, given the situation at Standing Rock. The pilgrim story has always made me squirm a bit, actually. While there is probably plenty of blame to go around for what happened during the European settlement of America, this holiday is still valuable to all of us as a point of rest--a place to stop for a moment, reflect on the past year, and think about those people who are important in our lives, the places we've been privileged to go, the gift of a roof over our heads and food on our table. So many in this world that are not as fortunate, as the daily news reminds us.

We in the United States have concluded a bad year for our country with campaigns and elections that divided us in ways we never thought possible. And yet, we should rejoice that we have such a system, flawed though it may be, and that we can continue to speak our minds even when we are not in agreement with the party in power.

All of us, if we have any kind of life at all, have burdens to bear. We have disappointments, sorrows, great and trivial grievances. We seem to focus on the bad in our lives, forgetting to look up, see the beauty that surrounds us every day in the faces of others, the landscapes, and even within our own imaginations. We are like that brightly lit city in Colorado, not able to see the glory of the Milky Way because of the city lights. So for one night they turned off all the lights, and there it was, for all to see.

Sometimes we need to turn life off. Not as easy as flipping a switch or two for sure, but we can and must do it for our own health--turn off all the outside distractions and worries, and look inside our homes and ourselves for what is right and good in our world.

So here's to reflection, to peace, and quiet, to family and home. And here's to our country. Long may we all prosper.

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Susan Anderson said...

Wonderful post, my friend. Inspirational.

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