Saturday, December 24, 2016

Almost Christmas

All that's left to do: add silverware, add food, add a few chairs, add libations..and people! All set for tomorrow, I think. The house smells of pumpkin and apple pies, the apple/yam/cranberry dish, cranberry sauce. The fridge is full of lemon bars, cheesecake, ham, and a sort-of Christmas tree shaped broccoli tree with yellow pepper garland and cherry tomato ornaments.

We took time this morning to go into town for breakfast. It's fun to just be in a place with people we know, noise, our favorite waitress, and good food. We had all the same food in the fridge at home, but hey, it's Christmas Eve and time to enjoy being out and about.

We ventured into the grocery store to pick up a few things we forgot, and there it was mayhem. But the happy kind of mayhem, where carts bump into each other and people smile and say sorry and Merry Christmas. Where the chicken broth is sold out and there's only port wine cheesballs left and people are actually buying eggnog. Where the candy shelves are almost empty and there are long lines at the checkout. And still everyone is smiling. It was great.

I came home to cook and finish up a little cleaning. I never did finish dusting but I am not worried about it. Anyone coming in here with a white glove is in the wrong place for sure.

So I think we're close to ready for Christmas to arrive. We will be up and out early tomorrow morning to help hand out gifts at the women's and children's shelter an hour away. This is something new for us; a friend asked for help and I thought why not? Usually we're alone on Christmas morning anyway.

When we get back I'll be scurrying to get the ham in the oven, make the wild rice and finish up veggie and condiment trays, get the green beans and corn cooked and...what else? Larry is going to make his awesome cornbread--no rolls could ever top that. It will be enough. It will be more than enough. We are so blessed, every day.

Sending love and hugs to all of my readers here. May your holidays be filled with joy and your year with peace and plenty. And may God bless us, every one!

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Quinn said...

Very best wishes to you and yours, Sue! I hope your Christmas is perfect :)

annie said...

Sounds great, hope it was wonderful!

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