Friday, December 30, 2016

Our House Today

Sounds like: old-time music (Dave Bing and Ben Townsend's CD)

  Smells like: oranges,

venison stew,

and paste wax.
Looks like: works in progress amidst the Christmas decorations which will not come down until Old Christmas

Feels like: warm and cozy, fire in the fireplace

Tastes like: hot coffee and pumpkin pie left over from the Christmas feast.

What's your house like today?

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Mac n' Janet said...

Still partly looks like Christmas, smells like the broccoli soup I made today and it's going to taste like cough syrup, i have a bad cough again, Happy New Year.

Granny Sue said...

Happy New Year, Janet! So sorry about the cough. Seems to be a rough winter on people so far. The soup sounds delicious though.

Brig said...

Looks like A little bit country Christmas, smells like Do Terra's Cedar in the humidifier, and the crab I served Dad for dinner.

Happy New Year!

Granny Sue said...

Sounds kinda nice, Brig. Especially the crab. I don't get it veery often becaue Larry's so allergic to it. Have a great New Year!

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