Friday, December 16, 2016

This Year's Tree

Last year, I think I posted photos of our various Christmas trees over the years. I looked at last year's photos and found that this year's tree looks almost identical to how I decorated it last year. It's interesting how our taste changes and evolves over time. Some years our tree was more country looking, some years all homemade ornaments. Now, it's a mixture but mostly it's vintage balls. And we no longer bring in live trees. Maybe one day, but I have to admit the artificial ones are easier and less likely to trigger my allergies. Those were a surprise gift the year I turned 50--I'd never had allergies in my life, but suddenly I was dealing with them.

Some favorite ornaments:

My mother used to make thse beautiful beaded ornaments. I am lucky enough to have a few of them still. 

The white and green ball was made by Mom; the blue one was a gift from my friend Anastasia, whose grandmother made them. Her grandmother was Greek, I believe, my mother English, but both of these ladies did such beautiful work. The white heart ornament was brought back from Germany by my third son, and it's another special favorite.

Vintage balls--these are the ornaments of my childhood, and in recent years I've been finding more of them to add to our tree.

 Another one from Anastasia.

Years ago I grew some cotton--just to try it. It took a long time to be ready to harvest, and fortunately we had a very late frost that year. I had no idea what to do with it once I picked it, then when traveling down south we saw it made into ornaments, so that's what I did. I still have several left. The crochet snowflakes were craft show finds.

This is one of my cherished ornaments--we made these in 1966, each of us children writing our names in glitter on a glass ball, along with the date.

Maybe a World War II-era ball? This was in an auction lot. I found some interessting history about the ornaments produced during the war on this website.

I bought this little Spode dog this year from my friend Detra who sells vintage things from time to time.

The little bear was one of Tommy's first ornaments, given to him by my mother. It used to play We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and Tommy called it his "singing bear." It no longer sings, but it still makes me smile.

Oh, and the bubble lights! I added these last year, and I just love them! Such a silly thing, but there it is.

Merry merry, everyone!

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Mac n' Janet said...

What wonderful ornaments and such special memories. Our tree tends to stay the same. We have a real tree, i like the idea of an artificial, but each year we buy a real one.
I've always had allergies, but the older I've gotten the worse they've become.

Michelle said...

You have some wonderful ornaments. I especially like the beaded ones.

Charlotte Spears said...

Such a beautiful tree! I love your ornaments; especially the beautiful beaded ones created by your mom! We had a neighbor who used to make them; they were very labor intensive but well worth it for all the beauty they added to her tree each year. We did not put up a tree this year due to a really BAD bought with bronchitis here at our home. I have just been enjoying all of the beautiful pictures of my friends and family's lovely trees. Thank you for sharing yours.

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