Tuesday, January 3, 2017

A Quiet, Productive New Year's Day

Good morning! Gray and rainy, and I am thinking that in other years this would have been a good snowfall. Ah well, here's a pic of snow from this date in 2011, so at least we can remember what it looks like.

It was so warm yesterday we had the doors wide open. It's good to get clean fresh air in the house this time of the year. I even did a little painting and staining work outside too.

We started this new year with a beautiful sunrise on new Year's morning--soft fog, the sun glimmering through the trees.

No visitors for New Years Day, for the first time since I can remember, so we are still waiting for our first footer. It was another mild day so we were outside again, Larry working on cleaning ditches and I was picking up scattered bits and just enjoying it.

Dinner was a twist on the traditional. We had scalloped ham and potatoes with cheese and onions, cabbage cooked with lots of butter (and money in it, of course), glazed carrots and cranberry sauce. It was delicious. Talk about comfort food!

Two pieces of furniture I'd finished up were sold on Facebook before I even got them to a booth, so I delivered one of them on New Years Day. A sign of things to come this year? I hope so. The first was this wardrobe; I gave it a coat of black paint and Special Dark wax, and changed the dull knobs to glass ones for some sparkle. A lady remembered having on like it that belonged to her father and now it is headed to her home.

Another friend saw my photo of the little stool I was working on, and wanted it. More sanding and Special Dark wax and it was ready to go. I delivered it on New Year's Day.

New Years also saw several eBay sales, another nice way to start the year. I added a few new listings too, like this set of Imperial bread plates, and a retro Home Interiors candelabra. eBay continues to provide a steady source of extra income for us. Nice when you're retired!

We ended the day with a movie, a fire, and our feet up. All around, a nice start to a new year. I am hoping this year is as good to us as the last one was and I wish the same for you.

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Mac n' Janet said...

I remember that candelabra, my Mom use to sell Home Interiors. Sounds like you've started the year well. Your meal on New Year's Day looks delicious, how do you cook the cabbage?

Michelle said...

My mom used to have that candle set in the last photo. It sat on our piano. Same weather here in KY. A bit too warm, but the cold is on its way.

Granny Sue said...

Janet, It's interesting that both you and Michelle recognized the candelabra--they must have been plentiful in their day.

As for how I cooked the cabbage, I simply boil it with as little water as possible, and add butter, salt and pepper to taste. We like it this way best of all--even my sons love it. Talk about simple!

Quinn said...

cabbage with money in it...of course? I am intrigued!

Granny Sue said...

Hi Quinn!

Happy New Year!

Money in cabbage--silver money--on New Year's Day is supposed to bring you luck and fortune in the coming year. The same is believed about black-eye peas. And you can see how rich I am, so it must work, right? Actually, I do feel rich in many ways. Friends, a good home, family, and all the things that make life good. Even though I've had sadness and grief, I can still appreciate the goodness I am blessed with.

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