Thursday, March 30, 2017

Garden Time

Today is so warm, almost 80 degrees on our porch! Rain was predicted but other than some big boom thunder we had only a few sprinkles. I was so glad because I want to get started on the gardens.

Larry hitched up the plows and got the ground turned over. We can't plant yet--it will have to dry and then be worked up with the thing we call the toother which is like a huge rake that attaches to the tractor. It's heavy and when Larry pulls it across the turned soil it breaks it up nicely, ready to plant. But it will probably rain before the soil is dry enough to tooth it. Still, the smell of fresh-turned earth is so welcome and hopeful.

I cleaned out one small flowerbed this afternoon, carefully getting all the leaves and detritus of winter from around the rose bushes. I need to check and see if this is a good time to cut them back because they sure need it. Same thing with the lavender.

A local market had pansies when we were out yesterday. Who can resist those pretty faces? A couple went quickly into the boots, the rest into a planter.

I had lots of company while I was outside. The feeders are still very busy. I caught a downy woodpecker, the back end of a chickadee, I think, and the cautious face of a purple finch watching me as I worked.

Yes, it is feeling like spring at last!

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Quinn said...

Oh that GREEN!!!
It's been snowing and sleeting for two days here, but that's okay - I'm just hoping we don't get strong winds to damage the poor icy, snowy trees.
I planted a clump of English lavender last year but I think I'd better move it this Spring - IF it survived the winter. It was definitely struggling where I planted it originally. Any hints?
Enjoy your Spring :)

Granny Sue said...

I hope your trees don't get hurt too--we've had more damage to our trees around here in the last 10 years, and the worst was that ice storm where so many went down that it sounded like guns going off. Terrible, truly it was.

As for your lavender--I have a hard time keeping it alive too. I had one plant against a stone wall that survived for 10 years but that very cold winter a few years ago got it. It's been a struggle ever since. I try to plant them near rocks, though, that seems to help.

Quinn said...

Yes, one of those bad ice storms is not something you forget in a hurry if you happen to live in the woods! Thanks for the tip - I've got PLENTY of rocks and will keep that in mind when replanting the lavender :)

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