Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday: Public Radio

A friend encourages other bloggers to write about something they are thankful for, and for me this morning the first thing to come to mind is public radio.

We don't have television here; we have a TV and use it to watch movies but we don't have cable or satellite by choice. About 10 years ago we decided we did not need the constant flow of babble, commercials, talking heads and nonsense that has come to define TV programming. We've been just fine without it.

But we rely on public radio. I know that right away many readers will say, "Oh, that liberal station?" And I agree, the news programming is definitely left-leaning. But it is also in depth, considerate, well-researched and wide-ranging, and there are plenty of far right talk shows for those of that persuasion. For those of us on the more liberal spectrum, public radio is it. That's all we've got. Where else will I hear Celtic music, old-time music, blues, cooking programs, travel shows with Rick Steves, The People's Pharmacy, hilarious quiz shows, Mountain Stage, and on and on? I listen while I cook, clean, paint, garden...pretty much all the time.

Now I am hearing that funding is being pulled from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and I can only hope (and contact my Congressmen!) that it will be reinstated in the budget. For those of us in far-flung regions of the country with limited access to go quality programming that doesn't require driving an hour or more, public broadcasting is a lifeline to culture of all kinds.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Losing Public Radio would be a serious blow to the common culture of the country. We had that kind of talk in Canada with the CBC which is our common radio coast to coast. So far we still have it.

Brig said...

Except that it won't be lost, it just won't be partial funded by the federal government any more. Which is fine with me. There are other revenue sources available.
There are programs that I enjoy, but I support those with my donations. This article pretty much covers my thoughts on this issue:

Quinn said...

You know, I really can't believe Public Broadcasting will be allowed to die. It has a role (which you described very well) that crosses all the divisions and state lines and social strata in the US. That's a pretty broad support base.
On the other hand, so many things have happened in recent months that I never in a million years would have imagined could EVER be allowed to happen, that my confidence inn my own judgement is constantly being challenged.
Here's hoping for the best, anyway!

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