Saturday, April 15, 2017

Booth Update: Ravenswood Booth

We've been busy with gardens and grass but haven't been neglecting the booths. Here's a look at the recent changes to our booth at Riverbend Antique Mall in Ravenswood, WV:

Little gray chair is still there, so I added a miner's lunch bucket and granite pitcher to it--no flat space goes unused in a booth!

I packed this sweet little sewing basket with sewing notions, hoping it finds a place in someone's heart.

Fiesta teacups, glass birds and all kinds of oddments gather on these shelves.

Larry tried his hand at building a rustic work stand, and I think it came out very well.

We moved the dresser and rocker to a new corner because we needed the front space for...

this table and four chairs we've been working on. The table was a sad little dropleaf that had been left out in the weather so the top was all curled up and ruined. We took off the legs, Larry built a new top, and I painted it to give it an aged, farmhouse look. Then added 2 chairs I'd bought already painted, and painted 2 more to match, and ta-da! A new set, ready for someone's home.

Pyrex is increasingly difficult to find at prices I can afford to buy for resale, but every now and then a piece turns up.

We didn't have any cast iron at Ravenswood so I added some. There is still a demand for it; men especially seem to look for it.

Teapots and more teapots. I love the tall one--I suppose it's really a coffeepot, but in this house, it would be for tea.

Now I need to get to work on new projects. Maybe a Hoosier? or that credenza that's been in my way for a year? or a chest of drawers? Decisions, decisions!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love seeing the additions and movement in your booths. Lots of work.

Quinn said...

I kept looking for the heart to click under your images, Sue...spending a lot of time on twitter these days LOL!
Happy Easter to you and Larry :)
And I think the tables look great!

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