Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Upcycled Lamps

Two lamp projects were finished today, and I an pretty happy with them.

The little milk glass one I bought for a quarter, and it was filthy dirty and the brass bits worn. But it worked! So I cleaned it up and made a shade from two doilies and an old shade I had that had lost its covering. I admit I cringed at having to cut the doilies, but I think they made a fine shade. Then I painted the brass parts with a pretty soft green, and it was done.

Here's the before of this lamp, on the left. I've also cleaned up the one beside it and painted the rusty harp with antique white. It looks lovely now, just need to find a shade. The glass one needs to be rewired, and the last one of the right needs wiring too.

I have had this weird hot pink shade for about two years, and have been looking and looking for a lamp to suit it. This one seemed right, and at $2 the price was good. It was burnished metal color, but I thought it would look great in shiny black, a kind of oriental look with the shade.

I have a lamp thing, you know. I have them all over my house, and quite a few in my booths. I am always buying them and fixing them, or getting Larry to fix them. Then the hunt is on for the right shade. I have a stash of those, too, along with many more lamps waiting to go to a booth. They are steady sellers, I've found, if I can keep the price below $25.

Now, back to the paint pots. I have a half dozen projects underway!

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annie said...

Very nice!
I have to stop myself from stuffing the house with lamps.
But I never find good shades that are used here.
They are always bent and squashed.

Michelle said...

Nicely done! I do like odd lamps. I have two milk glass lamps from my grandmother. Partial to that glass type.

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