Thursday, May 4, 2017

On the Road Again, and a Few Photos from the Gardens

I've had a long lovely break, but today I am back on the road again, storytelling and writing.

First, a storytelling performance in an Ohio River town for a school's family night--Appalachian tales, my favorite!

Then tomorrow I will be heading to the mountains for a weekend poetry retreat with friends. I am really looking forward to this, although I feel like the least talented of this group. It will make me stretch, right?

So see you later! But before I go, I took a walkabout in the flower gardens yesterday. Here's how things are looking now:

The first roses are opening. I cut most them back so may not get as many early blooms, but they look better.

My favorite flowerbed! This one was a long time coming into its own.

This peach tree is in the flowerbed. It looks lie we might have peaches this year!

A tiny cherry tree is sprouting in this bed. We've had several volunteers here, since I am careful to put all pits in here, under the mulch.

The big cracked bell planter.

This bed gives me fits. It's infested with bindweed, a vine that is impossible to get rid of.

The knockout roses, coming along.

More volunteers--the asparagus likes to come up wherever it pleases.

Weigelia is almost finished. It was so pretty this year, and the bees loved it.

Mr. and Mrs. Chickadee live here! Right beside the front porch.

Getting there. Still more planting to do, when I get home. But for now, it's coming along pretty well.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Have a great trip Sue, lucky listeners when you tell stories, enjoy your pottery retreat.

annie said...

Enjoy your journeiy!
First one turn and then another.
Lovely garden photos.
The bind weed is hard to eradicate.
I am still dealing with it too.
But nothing like the kudzu here.

Quinn said...

This past week I've been working, little by little, at the largest perennial bed - just try to pull out the first flush of goutweed and see what has come up so far. The lungwort is flowering a little, and the barrenwort too...very early, and it's so encouraging to see a little color out there :)
Have a great time - I'm sure your listeners will!

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