Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ravenswood Booth Update

I spent a few hours working on my booths at the Riverbend Antique Mall in Ravenswood (WV) yesterday. A holiday for most people, right? But after the sale on Friday and Saturday, neither of us had planned any activities for Memorial Day. So after sorting all the totes and other things left from the sale days, I decided that I might as well get over to Ravenswood and do a little work while Larry caught up on mowing.

It was a good thing I went. The yellow desk had been picked up and the tall corner shelf Larry buit from shutters was also sold, so there were spaces to be filled and tidying to do.

I found a white cake stand over the weekend, so used it to change up the staging on this table.

Added an apple crate full of frames and mirrors,

and this little desk I painted a couple weeks back. The green chair was one of the first things I painted and just never has found a home.

I picked up this pressback chair yesterday, intending to bring it home to paint but took it into the booth since I was there. Its mate has some repair work needed.

Little red chair has been hanging around the house for weeks, I just kept forgetting to take it in!

A metal tray I painted and stenciled recently. I'd had it for sale as it was, but no sale so it got paint.

the table the lamp was on sold, so I need to get another small table done pronto!

I love these lamps. I hope they find a buyer; Larry re-wired them, and I bought the crystal prisms for them on eBay.

Pretty painted plates. I cannot pass them up even though they are slow to sell.

Not a lot of change, but enough to give things a fresh look. Tomorrow we'll go to Larry's family graveyard to do the flowers on the original day for Memorial Day as I remember it from my childhood. It pains me that I can rarely visit my son's grave in Virginia but the six-hour drive is a real impediment. I hope to get there later this summer.

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Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Do Paris themed items sell good for you? I've noticed several different booths that have that theme and I was wondering.

Granny Sue said...

It's hit and miss, Kim. Sometimes they fly out the door, other times they sit.

Brig said...

Always find it interesting to see what people will be drawn to buy.

Granny Sue said...

Yes it is, Brig. And sometimes if I just move something from one location to another in my booth, it will sell after sitting for a year or more. Go figure!

Brig said...

Granny Sue, Yep, I love going to Camas Antiques in Camas, WA to see their vendors displays! Someday I will have a booth.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Such pretties. It is indeed a good thing that we don't live in WV - I would have everything in your booths in my house - I love it all. I've been around to some local stores recently - looking for a metal two or three tiered server - so far nothing - maybe I'm making things up in my mind - but I'm sure I've seen them somewhere.

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