Friday, May 26, 2017

Ripley On Sale

For the past several days (since we got home from family reunion) we've been preparing for the big annual sale on the courthouse lawn in Ripley, WV. I've been painting like a fiend, and Larry's been getting tools and such ready too. We worked until late last night, finishing up painting and other details. Today was the start of the sale, so we were up at 5:00am this morning to get into town and set up. To say I'm tired tonight is an understatement!

But we had a blast. We shared our space with my friend Suzy and we were like bees buzzing around until 8:00am when the sale officially began. I can't say sales were tremendous but they were steady and we met so many great people, and saw so many old friends and isn't that what it is really all about?

Here's a few pics of our booth.

Lots of lookers at the end tables and chairs, but no buyers...yet. The compote sold to a family planning a wedding.

Lots of lookers at this table and chairs set too, so maybe they'll sell tomorrow. This was done with Annie Sloan chalk paint and General Finishes milk paint.

Larry's stuff also drew lots of lookers--we had a great spot near the main drag so that was pretty cool.

I painted lots of "smalls" for this sale--mirrors and frames and porch chairs, as I call them--woven seat chairs that are questionable for seating but great for display or flowerpots.I sold the balancing scales and the small table behind the chair, as well as the swan planter holder on the ground to the right. The scales and the table were bought earlier in the day; I sold them for more than double what I bought them for! Location, location, location.

Refurbished wheelbarrows and blue quart jars drew lots of lookers but no buyers today.

Ditto with the boke, garden plow, and ladders. But maybe tomorrow!

A table of 50-cent items had lots of sales. This was stuff I just wanted rid of, and I hope to sell more of it tomorrow. If it doesn't sell, one of the local charity thrifts will benefit because I don't want to drag it home.

More pics tomorrow--these were taken with my phone but I should have better ones on my camera.

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Quinn said...

This looks like my idea of a fine time! Glad you're having fun.
Here it's been raining and raining and raining. Instead of getting the garden in bit by bit, it's all going to have to happen really quickly...if things ever dry out enough to plant seeds! Dry out and warm up. I seriously thought about a fire today.
Hope the weather stays fine for you this weekend!

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