Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Booth Updates

We've made some changes to our booths in the last week, gearing up for the weeks I will not be able to get to them as often. Let's start with our spaces at Riverbend Antique Mall in Ravenswood, WV.

No great changes here. We brought in this small desk I painted recently, jazzed it up with some chartreuse accent pieces

We also added a crate of frames and small mirrors,

One old bike sold, so we brought in another. I think our stockpile of bikes is at an end, sadly.

I've shown the Sellers cabinet we recently finished restoring, but I sure love to look at it!

Added the little red chair and used it to display this neat metal candelabra.

The comfy old bentwood rocker is still there; surprising that no one has taken it home yet.

The flatwall is still available too; larger pieces that are priced over $100 usually take a while to move.

I redid the staging on the little coffee set, adding a milk glass cake plate and more crystal pieces.

I brought these lamps in a couple weeks back. I had them at home for a while, and finally decided to part with them.

We brought the dresser in about a month ago, I think...or was it longer? 

At Marietta yesterday, we did a major cleanout of our booths. I removed lots of small things that had been there for some time and will take those to the big July 4th Flea Market at Fairplain, WV, marked way down. And if they don't sell there, they're off to a consignment auction or the thrifts. They've had their chance! So four full totes, along with a shelf I'd been using for display and a large black trunk all came home. The van was almost as full coming back as it was going.

This unusual oak cabinet may already by sold.

The hall stand Larry built has not yet sold, although it gets lots of interest. Furniture is usually a very slow seller in Marietta.

Every chair I've put in this spot has sold, so I moved the rocker here. We'll see if the charm continues!

We also moved the galvanized double washtubs to where the big trunk had been,

And rearranged this area to add the table and chairs I finished a couple weeks ago.

I painted the china cabinet last week, and am very happy with how it turned out.

The oak table was relocated to where a shelf of glassware had been, and that also allowed me to hang the framed pieces of Japanese kimono figures.

The cabinet and hallstand created a little nook behind them and I could have added more things in this space. It will do until we go back.

The little black youth chair drew immediate attention from another vendor. I hope it's as attractive to buyers. I planned to paint it, but it has the cutest covered wagon decal on it and I did not want to detroy that feature.

The primitive table got a facelift too, with a different display on top.

We worked a solid 5 hours at Marietta yesterday, and I was sure feeling it by the time we got home. Today is a rest and recuperate day while I work on stories for the upcoming Summer Reading storytelling presentations for libraries--only 10 days away til the first one!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

As always you booths look very inviting.

Boud said...

I love the booth tours. And i search the pix just in case there's something I NEED there!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Furniture continues to be a slow seller for me too which is disappointing since that's my favorite thing to work on. Sales are still slow in general. I don't know if it's the mall itself or me. :-(

Granny Sue said...

Kim it seems to be a downturn generally at antique malls and stores, from what I have been hearing. At Ravenswood, I sell a good bit of furniture, but Marietta has always been slow--but I sell lots of smalls there. Ravenswood is holding steady with last year's sales but Marietta is down by about 25-30%. That's why we tried a big overhaul. I took out four totes of things that have been there a long time, and am trying to take more of my painted items there because they sell so well at Ravenswood. We'll see if it helps. I added only 4 new smalls this last trip to Marietta, thinking perhaps I have too much and people can't see the trees for the forest :)

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

Thanks for the tips and insights. I'm constantly fine tuning. :-)

Quinn said...

That oak cabinet is a beauty!

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