Saturday, June 17, 2017


I had just sat down in my rocker on the porch, when I looked over to the birdfeeder and saw this looking at me:

I don't know if he/she was after seeds or birds, but I would bet the latter.

What did I do? Why, of course I called for Larry, who took an old mop handle and nudged the snake off the rail--which made it fall about 8 feet to the ground, poor thing.

The black snake (fairly harmless to humans) didn't appreciate the treatment and left lickety-split.

The dogs came running but after sniffing around decided they didn't want anything to do with that visitor.

A few minutes later the skies opened and Little Mister, as we call this male hummingbird who hangs around the porch, came and perched on a nail under the eaves,

right beside Larry. This little guy is so comfortable with us around that he often perches only inches from us, and sometimes offers commentary on what we're doing.

He was quite wet! He didn't stay long, and like the snake soon went lickety-split about his business.

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Boud said...

I go mad with joy when a hummingbird zooms by, spending a couple of seconds on the lantana I provide just for them. Wonderful to have one hang out with you.

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