Thursday, July 6, 2017

Rain Date

A cool, foggy, rainy morning.

Just exactly what we needed for the gardens, and for ourselves as the temps cool down. 88% humidity makes it feel like we're living underwater, but I'll take it.

The tea and coffee place. 
As we drank our tea and coffee on the porch this morning, we watched harried bluejays grabbing big bites from the suet cakes to feed their squawking babies who had apparently just left the nest. I felt sorry for those poor parents, but it was fun to watch. We've had a new batch of young cardinals, too, and yesterday a rare visit from some shiny-black grackles.

We got our first peppers from the garden, nice big ones, so tonight it will be stuffed peppers for dinner. Tomatoes are ripening, cabbage is ready to cut, green beans are almost ready, and we're getting some nice potatoes.

The rain has brought out the smells of the herbs in the garden by the porch. Dill, basil, and all the rest mixing and mingling is a glorious treat for the nose.

Other than cooking dinner, today we will finish unloading our vehicles, sorting and putting away, and making a trip to town to pick up some lumber and other oddments for projects. We are planning a few low-key days to just rest and enjoy being home again.

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Mac n' Janet said...

I'd love a cool, foggy day. It is nice to sit outside and watch the birds. We can do that early in the morning, but definitely not later.

Michelle said...

Days at home are the best. Nothing can compare. Your garden sounds wonderful.

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