Monday, July 24, 2017

Still in the Kitchen

I have been in the kitchen for most of the past week as the garden continues to pour forth its goodness.

Yesterday I had many tomatoes to deal with, as well as the rest of the peaches, carrots and the first of the corn.
pasta sauce
So peach preserves, pasta sauce and frozen corn and carrots were the end result.

peach preserves--the first jam I've made this summer.

The day before Larry dug some of the carrots and some potatoes so I made vegetable soup to can.

Some of the carrots are pretty big, at least for our gardens. We don't grow varieties that get huge, so most of ours are fairly small, which we like better.

one big carrot

Also had more peaches to do The cellar is beginning to look great.

He also pulled the onions and spread them in the woodshed to dry, and brought a few into the house to use now. I will be cutting up some of the later crop of onions and drying those in the dehydrator, I think. We really liked having the dried onions last year, so convenient for soups, stews, casseroles, etc.

Today we're back into corn and green beans, and I bought black cherries since they're the cheapest I've ever seen. Those are in the freezer too, waiting for time to make some jam or something else.

Tomorrow I am taking a break from canning and doing some writing. I think we've earned it.

How about you? How is your garden this year? I know some people are having a good year, other places need rain badly.

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Wanda Violet said...

Nice. Lovely veggies. Blessings.

Michelle said...

I will admit that we don't have much in the garden this year. Too busy this summer, but have been buying some things from our Amish friends. Your garden bounty looks excellent!

Bbj said...

Hope you are doing well
Miss your blog

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