Friday, July 14, 2017

That Time of Year

It's the time of garden bounty once again. I am so thankful that the gardens held off, for the most part, until I finished my Summer Reading presentations. I could have used a bit of a break but you can't tell that to a garden.

So today has been canning day, getting the green beans put up. I'm going to end up with about 28 quarts, it looks like. The third load is in the canner as I type.

Larry darted out between rainstorms and picked the ripening tomatoes, cucumbers, a few carrots and onions, some peppers and a big cabbage. Tomorrow we'll be making sauerkraut, looks like. I'll also be mixing up some stir-fry and stuffing some peppers.

A variety of tomatoes--yellow, pink, black, red
and some small ones that are from a volunteer plant
A friend posted that he was making zucchini salsa. I've never heard of that but googled it and found some recipes. This one looks good, and simple to make.

I am a happy woman now that we have ripe tomatoes! We grow a variety, and they all decided to ripen at pretty much the same time. My favorites are the Cherokee Purple, a black variety that is bursting with flavor. Second is the German Pinks. Those little red ones in the photo are from a volunteer plant. We have volunteer potatoes, squash, and a pumpkin in the garden too. Pretty cool.

Feeling  little under the weather, as this morning I discovered that one gift from my many presentations of the past weeks is a case of pinkeye. Ah me. I guess I've been lucky because in 20+ years of storytelling, this is a first. So I got meds, and hope my eyes will clear up quickly.

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