Sunday, August 6, 2017

Inland Waterways Festival

I'm storytelling this weekend at the Inland Waterways Festival in Marietta, Ohio. This festival happens every two years and I have told stories for it ever since its beginning. It's held at the Ohio River Museum on Front Street, on the banks of the Muskingum River.

It's the most fun! There's much to see and do, all free. The festival continues today. Here are some pics from yesterday's activities.

Josh Wilson of The Sail Loft in St. Albans, WV using a Marlin Spike to make a rope bumper.

Pilot house from the Tell City Steamboat was restored and open for visitors for the first time.

Inside the pilot house

Steam launch. It could spray water a LOT higher than in this pic!

Homemade blackberry ice cream. I couldn't even eat half of this giant cone.

Dragon boat club was there....

and so was part of their dragon!

the fish tank drew lots of lookers.

Learning about musseling. Fascinating.

A mussel boat.

Tellin' tales!

I got to sit at the wheel during the evening's sternwheeler dessert cruise! I didn't wreck the boat either.

The view from the pilot's seat.

Moon over the river

Nathan Lynn, folklorist, singer of roustabout songs and lots of others as well,
born and raised on the river at Paducah, OH, and a reference librarian was
our evening entertainment. He's really fascinating. I sat in on his session on
roustabout songs and enjoyed every minute. Very engaging.

Heading back 

big wheel keeps on rollin'...

It was a fine day, and today will bring more of the same. Hope to see some of you there!

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Mac n' Janet said...

It all looks so interesting, didn't know that about mussels and that ice cream looks incredible.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

I wonder if Nathan Lynn's ancestors came from the town of Lynn (or Kings Lynn) in Norfolk UK.
Mr Sid Thomas, my boss when I worked on the farm, was an expert at ropework but could only usually be persuaded to splice ropes which we used on our straw trailers, though occasionally he would do some fancy work too.

hart said...

Looks like a great festival. I love the photo of you at he wheel.

Bbj said...

Fantastic day! Ice cream yummmm! Love the blogs and history!

Bbj said...

Noticed in one of your former blogs you were excited about a drive in around Beckley! Huntington has two fantastic drive in restaurants! Stewarts-around most of my life-famous for hot dogs but I get veggie burgers! Frost top been around long long also! Famous also for hot dogs but I get grilled cheese and fries-both have yummy frosty mugs of root beer! Try these!

Michelle said...

This looks like such a fine time. The ice cream looks exceptional!

Granny Sue said...

bbj, we will be in Huntington soon! I will have to find one of those places. Frost Top sounds great.

Bbj said...

Both are fantastic
Frost top need cabel Huntington hospital
Stewart's near turnpike Ford and Marshall
i grew up eating Stewart's
Enjoy mug root beer
My husband loves the hot dogs

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