Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Riverbend Booth Update

We spent most of yesterday at our Riverbend booth, adding new items, rearranging, and taking a few things home to paint or repair.

This cabinet needed only a coat of paint to make it ready to go.

Cake plates take center stage on this table. I am still waiting for the upholsterer to finish covering the chrome frame chairs to go with the table. She's a busy lady, but does great work, so I can wait.

Larry built this shelf using a bi-fold door.

I love this little cocoa set! And it looks perfect on the red table. Hoping to get people in the holiday mood.

Little table needed the black paint, sanding, and dark wax to bring out its primitive side.

And a shelf that needed only sanding and wax. I love its rustic look.

In a prurple mood here--decided to group the amethyst glass.

We brought in this utility cart last week. It needed nothing from me--someone else had already done the hard work of painting!

Big wheel keeps on turnin'---this was a flea market find. It would make a nice driveway marker.

We moved this hall stand from Marietta. It had been there several months, and I figured it was time for a change to a new location. We'll see.

A find from a couple weeks back. Very retro, mid-century credenza and mirror in perfect condtion.

We;ve had this kitchen cupboard for sale for quite a while. When we first started selling, these would fly out of the booths, but apparently everyone who needed on has bought one already. Still makes a great display piece.

Larry built this stand last winter. Gets lots of looks, but no buyer yet. But again, it's great for displaying!

Lots of red, white and blue on the table.

Apparently someone rather heavy sat on the one chair we had left like this (this is an older photo, two others were sold) and broke loose the joints on the front, so it will need some serious work.

This china cabinet I bought a couple months ago to paint was filling in a space temporarily in the booth until I could get something else ready. Now it's home, waiting for some beautification.

That's a look at some of the changes made yesterday. It's always fun to go in and rearrange; not like work at all.

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Mac n' Janet said...

You've got a lot of lovely items, glad I don't live near your shops.

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love getting the peeks of your booths - such a lot of hard work!

Quinn said...

I like Larry's corner shelf very much! I'm planning to make a simple corner shelf to hold some of my Pyrex pots, unless I can find something at a shop 2nd-hand that will fit the one place I have to put it. I thought I'd have to go the mill and get some pine, but now if I get to the ReStore I'll look at their selection of doors, too! Thanks for the idea, Larry!

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