Sunday, September 3, 2017

Catching Up

I am computerless these days, as my laptop has decided to take a short vacation at the computer repair shop. it is very unhandy as I have a lot of work I need to do online. But no sense squawling about it; the only thing I can do is tough it out with Larry's tablet as a not-too-satisfactory backup.

But conputer or no, we've had some very good days since my last post. We decided to take a day off, so to speak, on Friday. We no longer go to our beloved Downtowner restaurant for breakfast when we go out because the owner is so nasty to those not of his ultra conservative political position and has actually gotten in our faces, and that of a good friend, about it. I tried several times to talk to him about this, but to no avail. Apparently he can't help himself.

So we made a first class breakfast here, and it is really better than any we could get elsewhere. Prejudiced, I know! Then we headed out--to the bank, the library to print my ebay labels, the post office to mail packages, and then to a flea market where we browsed to our heart's content. It was a cold, drizzly day, perfect for dawdling.

We knew our check would be ready at the antque mall so we headed there next and did  a little booth work--not much because this was supposed t be a day off. Our next stop was a small music festival where we knew some friends were playing. We weren't really dressed for it. I was wearing comfy pull-around-in-junk-at-the-flea-market jeans and t-shirt, so I was surprised when I was asked to get on stage and tell some stories. But I am ever game for it so up I went and sang a couple ballads and rolled out a couple stories. I guess they liked it because they asked me back for the next evening.

We got home late, and literally fell into bed. We slept in a little Saturday morning, then got moving when I remembered a friend was coming to pick up some shelves and a couple other things she'd bought. It's rare for a customer to come to our house, especially since we are not on the beaten track, but we had a great visit, and a few things left with them--which makes me happy because I am continuing to sort and re-organize inventory, including getting rid of a lot of stuff, as I wrote about in an earlier blog.

Then we headed back to the Gathering at Sweet Creek to listen to music and visit with friends. It was so delightful and relaxing. We don't allow ourselves enough time for such things. I was back on stage--and dressed a little better!--and did a selection of ghost stories along with two rather spooky ballads. The audience was perfect, such good listeners and it felt great to get back to some storytelling. I'd been at Tamarack, the state's big arts and crafts sales center, earlier in the week telling stories to a bus tour, so with this festival I feel like I've worked out the rust that gathered over the last few weeks of no performances.

Today has continued that lowkey trend. Up late once again, long slow morning,i came home  then into town for groceries while Larry worked on cleaning up one of the gardens. I worked a bit more on our itinerary for Ireland, chafing at not being able to get to all the places I want to see. There's no hope for it, we'll have to plan a future trip so we can see Northern Ireland. I called to confirm a booking in Roundstone, a place we learned about in a movie called The Matchmaker, which was filmed in
Roundstone. I have wanted to go there ever since I saw the movie the first time. When I spoke with the girl at the inn, she said her father was in that movie--so all the more reason to stay there.

Now it's evening, I've got Irish music playing, the sun is setting, and I am completely realxed. It's been good to stop and catch up here. I hope all you are having as nice a Labor Day weekend as I have had so far.

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Jenny said...

We always seem to be disappointed when we eat out anymore. Nothing tastes as good as home cooked.

I've layed around all weekend. I had an outpatient surgery on Friday & am bored to tears not being able to get around very well yet.

Brig said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend. We do need to take time for ourselves once in a while.

Boud said...

I rarely eat out. The food's good at home and I know what went into it. Exception is friends' occasional lunch, mainly for their company.

I like to read how you enjoy life as it cones, not fretting over what can't be helped.

Quinn said...

I'm sorry about the owner of your local breakfast eatery being such an obnoxious pontificating jerk. It's a bit sad to lose a previously-pleasant ritual, and in a very small town like mine - and I think, yours - there are often few alternatives to switch to. Still, you and Larry have undoubtedly created a great alternative in this case!

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