Thursday, September 14, 2017

Marietta Booth Update

So here are a few photos from our work the other day at our booth at the Antique Mall of Marietta (Ohio).

Tins seem to be ever-popular. They sell pretty quickly, especially the pretty ones made in England.

 Top shelf--70's fondue pot, 50's beanpot with warmer, 70's hotpot and vintage juicer--not sure of the date on that one, but it works great.

We added the shop stool, globe and small wood dasher churn to this area.

I like to display milk glass from time to time--it's not popular with collectors right now but it can make a striking statement.

I love this aluminum drinks set. The cups have crochet covers on the base, a little hard to see in this photo. These were a thing in the 50's--aluminum glasses sweat, as you might know, so ladies made these covers to deal with the problem. I have had these for years, and finally last month someone in a Facebook group mentioned them and showed a photo. Aha! Pretty clever.

We added the chair, bag of blocks and a baby quilt to this area.

Glass, glass, glass. I added the pink globe lamp upper right, and a few other things, then rearranged a lot of this to give it a bit of a change.

I painted this teal shelf last week. It had been in the booth for a year in its original oak finish, with no interest at all. Maybe color will spark some interest.

Added the  framed quilt piece here, and put the two ice buckets I have together with the cocktail shaker.

Picket fence pieces sell well. This is our last one, I believe, out of the stacks and stacks of fence we started with.

Isn't this a cute shelf? It was dark wood color, so it got some paint to jazz it up.

Additions in this area include the green chair on the right, the picnic basket, and the Griswold gas burners unit on top of the table. And the copper kettles, I think.

I am surprised this cabinet hasn't sold yet. These usually walk out pretty quickly. It is such a pretty one, with those stenciled windows.

I painted this one a few weeks ago, along with the little mirrors beside it.

That's a quick look; there are a lot of other new small items like mugs, plates, kitchenware, and so on. I hope to get to Ravenswood next week and will post photos of what we change there.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Love seeing the additions and your booth updates Sue. Always a treat and you inspire me with your painted furniture and displays.

Michelle said...

You have some nice pieces in your booth!

Kim@Snug Harbor said...

How do you transport your furniture to the booth without chipping it up? We always seem to scratch or chip furniture in transit and it drives me nuts.

Marilyn said...

I got a juicer like that one when I got married in 1974. It's a great juicer --- much better than the newer ones. I still use it.

Love all these photos.

Granny Sue said...

Kim, my husband is under pain of death to wrap things well, LOL! We're very careful loading because we live pretty far out on a dirt road that becomes a pot-holed one-lane before reaching the two-lane so it's a rough ride out of here. We have to pay close attention to padding it, making sure backs are turned so the fronts are protected, etc. When I am worried about something getting messed up, I take a little jar of that paint for touching it up. It's a challenge for sure. We usually take a pretty big load to the booths when we go, as we only get to them every 2 weeks or so, and packing the van takes a good bit of time.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Oh the pretties - I could not resist most everything in your booth if we lived back there - good thing I am far away in WA state. Milkglass? Yes please - I adore it - and it is super popular with me - I have a whole china cabinet full. I use it alone and pair it with other lovely pieces - it really comes into play during the christmas holidays.

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