Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry White Christmas!

It's a bit like this old card at my house today. Snow is falling and I, like the cricket, didn't finish my fall work, like plant the bulbs I bought a few weeks ago. Be that as it may, it's Christmas!

The birds are busy at the feeders, enjoying the new seed cakes and posing for photos.

 The snow is only fluttering down, a flake at a time, so all we have is a pretty white covering, although the air is really cold and supposed to get much colder tonight. Still, all is merry and bright here. The fire is burning in the fireplace, breakfast is over, our small gifts to each other have been opened, the animals have been cared for, and the dishes are washed and put away. The rest of the day will be to relax and get ready to go to one of our sons' home for dinner this evening.

The dogs were sure they needed to come inside, despite having spent the night in my toasty warm workroom,

so in they came. If I don't have a rug by the stove for them, they sit and stare at me pointedly until I fetch one. Apparently I am well trained.

It's very quiet on the hill today, as seems to happen with snowfall of even a small amount. The world is hushed and still. Last night the wind howled as if to blow us all to the North Pole, but today it has laid down. Surprisingly all my porch decorations stayed in place.

So now I am off to read a new book, play some carols (which I am not tired of, since we don't have TV and don't go to many stores), and enjoy the fire and the dogs.

Hoping all of my friends out there are warm, full, content and full of joy on this day.

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Quinn said...

So glad you got your snow, even if one flake at a time! We've got...tons. I'm paying attention in case my driveway plowman shows up, because I only have about a 2-minute window to get out there and drive my truck down to the road between the plow's first and second trip up my driveway. He never says when he's coming, and I rarely catch him, but if I do it means he'll plow right up to the top, which makes a BIG difference in where I can park for the rest of the snow season.
I'm the same about enjoying Christmas carols - apart from one trip to a store where I got trapped listening to an awful song, all my holiday music has been coming from the internet, and that just since I got my laptop back. Lots on youtube, and Tipper has some good stuff, for sure :)
Have a wonderful day!
p.s. I asked Santa to please, please bring me that wringer washer! Has it disappeared from your place?

Brig said...

Wishing you a most Blessed Christmas. Looks like you are settled in for beautiful day.
We seldom get snow here, making it a treat when we do.

Steve Arnold said...

What a beautiful home! I don't blame your dogs for feeling they should come inside. I especially love that old card, that beetle with the violin on his back! And your photo of the cardinal is beautiful. What a beautiful Christmas scene your home provides.

John "By Stargoose And Hanglands" said...

We had grey uninspiring weather for Christmas. Never mind, we had a nice day anyway. Take care.

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