Monday, January 1, 2018

And a New Year Begins

We're off on the next adventure! Let us hope that 2018 brings health, peace and joy to us all.

A cold and frosty start to the new year, zero degrees on my porch but oh so beautiful.

All the heaters are going full tilt, and the house is warm and bright. The dogs are inside, the cats have claimed the workroom heater, and the root cellar is warmed by the new heater Larry put in in the building above it.

Today will be low-key for us. We stayed up to see the new year in last night, watching The Bucket List again as well as an odd movie called Chance with Peter Sellers. That one left us discussing and thinking, I can tell you. Interesting. We had Irish cheese, crackers, ham, pickles and veggies, white wine for me and Guinness for him. By midnight, I'd have a couple glasses of wine so instead of making eggnog as planned I toasted the year in with water, and Larry with brandy. It was a really nice evening with a good fire in the fireplace. I missed being with family as usual, but this year wisdom and caution dictated an evening at home.

This afternoon I am making noodles again, since we ate or gave away all of the last batch. Then I'll make dinner: the traditional ham, cabbage, and blackeye peas and sweet potatoes. I might paint a few small things if time allows, or price some costume jewelry for my booths, read a will be that kind of day for us.

Hoping you are all warm and cozy, healthy and hangover-free on this first day of the year!

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Welcome 2018 Sue - we spent a pleasant and quiet evening at home too and today I am working on going over Christmas stock, repricing if needed and putting things in the donation bag. This year I am putting big signs on the Christmas stock and writing a reminder on my Calendar so I can find the boxes and bags quickly.

Michelle said...

Your new year sounds perfect to me. I drove back from visiting my parents yesterday. A nine hour drive, unpacking, supper, and asleep by 9 o'clock! Not much of a new year's celebration, but blessed anyway!

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