Thursday, January 4, 2018

Night Lights, and Being Thankful

The moon on Tuesday night lit the snowy world around us with a pale blue light.

Last night the fireplace crackled with heat,

while in the living room the little trees (my Christmas forest, I call it) glowed with color. The small red one was a gift from a dear friend, and changes colors from red to purple to blue to green.

More night lights in the living room.

Looking at these photos this morning makes me thankful for:

*living in such a beautiful place, difficult as it can sometimes be;
*having a husband who not only cuts the wood but builds good fires;
*having good friends from many walks of my life;
*being warm and comfortable when the temperature keeps dipping below zero;
*having a well-stocked larder at this time of the Cherokee Cold Moon;
*being able to share my thoughts and stories here.

Linking to Michelle's Thankful Thursday today.

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Nance said...

I'm thankful you write, post and share. We live on a beautiful world! God Bless. Happy New Year!

Granny Sue said...

Thank you, Nance :) This blog brings me a lot of pleasure--meeting good people, sharing the things I enjoy and my thoughts. And another thing I've come to value is the ability to look back at my life, and see what happened and when. I didn't expect any of these when I started it! I'm not sure what I expected, actually.

Happy New Year to you too!

Brig said...

I'm thankful for all the interesting information you have posted.

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