Friday, March 2, 2018

Serendipidity, or West Virginia is Just One Small Town

Last year we bought some young hens from the nicest couple in a neighboring county. We had the nicest visit with them, watching the young fawn they'd rescued from a ditch after its mother had been killed on the highway, looking at their giant pig and just enjoying their company. A few weeks later I called them to let them know when the hens laid their first eggs, and my husband and I talked about stopping up to see them again this spring.

Yesterday we were in an antique mall 50 miles from here, and in conversation with the owner he mentioned how much he liked the work we do with furniture. I was puzzled as I didn't think I knew him, and he confirmed that.

"No, you don't know me, but I saw some photos of your stuff on <another vendor's> Facebook, so I've been following you and just love your work!"

What a nice compliment that was. I asked his name, and when he told me, it rang a bell.

"Do you have relatives in Wirt County?" I asked.

Why yes he did. And his parents were those same people we'd got the chickens from. Sadly, his father passed away last summer and I am sad to not get to see him again. He was one special person.

But what a small town this state is.

You can read my post about our visit here.

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Nance said...

'What a small town the state I'd ... cool tale but sorry for the loss of his father.

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