Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Drive Through Ohio River Towns

The buildings we saw along our Ohio River drive told stories of how this place once was:

A former country store/feed store, now being used for storage.

This is a park, formerly the site of a large flour mill; in the background a power plant on the WV side of the river.

Pretty, well-cared for homes were everywhere in the little towns we passed through: Apple Grove, Minersville, Racine and others.

A former bus station, now seems to be a tanning place.

More beautiful homes--they aren't tilted, just the picture-taker! These would have been built during the river's heyday of the steamboat era.

There were two of these homes, just alike. They were across the road from the locks at Racine, Ohio, so I thought perhaps they were lock-keepers' homes at one time.

There were many, many abandoned homes too, like this beauty hidden in the woods, apparently replaced by the trailer which also seems to be abandoned.

A testament to the farms that lined the river at one time. There are still quite a few in operation, particularly produce farms. We saw many large greenhouses along the way. I think this summer we will be back as customers since we will not have a garden, it seems.

A garage with a junked fire truck? It sure looked that way, but maybe it's there for repairs.

Another bus station, caught on the fly as we passed by.

A woman in her well tended yard; under the trees, a small graveyard.

The old church, and it's newer replacement, which does not look like it's used much these days.

And then we were in Pomeroy.

You can just see the town, lined up between river and ridge. This place sees a lot of flooding, most recently in February.

 Then it was back across the river, and heading for home.

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Michelle said...

This is a lovely series of photos. I always enjoy driving through towns and seeing the different houses and buildings.

Quinn said...

I've often thought an old train station would make a nice home...the little square ones with a long roof overhang all the way around for a wide shady porch.

Selina B said...

love old houses & there seems to be many abandoned out here these days, though there is some rescues going on & giving a family a home at the same time, they rent for $1 & help work on the farm as well as renovate the house they are renting, it's a good idea i thought, too sad seeing old farm houses just rotting away.
great post
thanx for sharing

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