Wednesday, April 11, 2018

And More Everyday

So I've finished two weeks of physical therapy. It's not hard, at least not yet. The exercises don't seem like exercises at all,more like movements. I can tell they make an impact though, because I am usually sore the next day! I hope that long-term I will see a marked improvement, and avoid having anything more invasive being done. I am no fan of modern medicine, especially when it involves needles and knives.

Lots more everyday things going on here: my van has new tires but still roars so it goes back soon to get a bearing replaced. I had hoped the noise was the tires as the last set made a similar noise when they were well worn. We found out why the air light was always coming on--the little sensors on the tires were loose and bouncing around! Not doing any good at all. To replace them--there's one on each tire--would be about $200. So nope, they didn't go back on. The van has over 200,000 miles on it and these West Virginia roads beat it to death.

We added new things to our booth in Marietta this past weekend. I really wanted to stay home and paint but as usual I am glad we got the booth updated with some new items.

I am almost finished two dressing tables I've been working on. I have a chest of drawers and a bed waiting to be painted to match this one:

Larry is picking up mulch today so we can get started on that big job. It usually takes 40 bags or more to do it all. We used to buy truckloads but as we find the bags much easier to manage. It looks so pretty when it's all done. Here is what this place will look like in a month or so, I hope.

Right now we're a long way from this green! Still cold, supposed to warm up, but then get very cold again next week.

I am getting ready for a poetry retreat with three friends this weekend at a mountain camp. I am looking forward to this. I am not a prolific poet, so I am hoping this will give me renewed inspiration for my writing.

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Michelle said...

You are a busy woman, as usual. Glad to hear the physical therapy is working. I really love the paint job on the vanity/dresser. Lovely.

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