Sunday, April 22, 2018

Larry's New Friend

We were driving out our road yesterday morning, and this little fellow was just hanging around.

We stopped, and he came walking right up,

and stuck his head in the window. Larry was thrilled! He loves donkeys--well, he loves all animals, really.

He nibbled Larry's fingers for a bit, so Larry gave him a cookie. Happy donkey!

Totally made our day!

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Quinn said...

Was the donkey on the wrong side of that fence or was he just roaming around loose and visiting other animals? I've stopped a couple of times to help get critters back into their pastures - once a horse, once a Highland cow, but not yet a donkey :)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

How sweet that it came right up to you guys. Great photos.

Granny Sue said...

Yes, he was outside the fence, Quinn. He seems able to go in and out at will. There's so little traffic on this road that he's in no danger. I guess he wanted to visit his friend the horse!

Quinn said...

It's a rare equid that likes to be alone...most are desperate for other horse/mule/donkey companions :)

Granny Sue said...

You reminded me of our pony, Goldberry, Quinn. She often broke fence to go across the ridge to see her buddy Buck. She was the only equine we had, and she was happy most of the time to herd the cows. But sometimes I guess she got lonely for another horse.

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