Thursday, April 19, 2018

Ramps Lady

We had hoped to get to the higher mountains this month to find ramps, that highly flavored wild member of the onion family. But time got away from us, and neither of us felt like our knees were in good enough shape to hike the hills.

So today I stopped in town when I saw this sign:

That chance stop led to an interesting conversation with the ramp's seller, Shonna.

I mentioned that we still had plenty of dried ramps from last year.

"I guess I'm a traditionalist," Shonna said. "I think it best to eat foods in season. Ramps and dandelions and milkweed in the spring, that's when we should eat them, and not put them up for other seasons. Because then they lose their specialness, and we don't have it to look forward to."

She has a point. In our world where almost all foods are available year-round, even the specialness of strawberries has waned. We can get them anytime of the year now, where once they were a May-June treat. But, like most people, I am glad to have them whenever I want them, and I do love the ability to add the unique flavor of ramps to foods when I think it will add a new dimension to the taste.

"How do you cook your ramps?" she asked, and then went on to say, "Here's something you need to try: put some oil or grease in a pan, add a little sugar and a little vinegar, then "melt" the ramps in that. You won't believe the flavor." It sounded a lot like wilted lettuce to me, and that's a delicious dish. So I will give her recipe a try.

I asked her about milkweed. "People mess up because they don't parboil and throw the water out. You got to do that or they taste bad." Very similar to cooking pokeweed, I asked? Exactly, she said.

And then she asked, "Do you ever eat dandelions?"

"Do you mean dandelion greens?"

"No, the flower. Here's what I do. I pop the flowerheads off, and remove ALL of the stem, but leave that green part under the flower. Then wash and shake to make sure all the ants and stuff are out of them. Then roll in a batter and fry them. They taste a lot like mushrooms (meaning morels)."

"When I make my mushrooms, I soak 'em in beer, not salt water like most people do. Then I dip them in batter and fry them. Talk about good!"

I tucked my bag of ramps in the van and waved goodbye. I sure hope I run into this lady again. She's full of nature lore and wildcrafting information, not from books but from family passing it down and personal experience--a rare person these days.

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At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Granny Sue, I just found you recently and have put you on my blogroll so I don't miss a post. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughtful comments, especially appreciated the information on the glass sugar bowl. I really enjoyed this conversation you had with the Ramps Lady. When I saw you discussed Poke Salad, I thought of a conversation I had with my daughter age 38. A few years ago we were talking about her dad and I meeting in 1972. I told her we were at a club and danced to Poke Salad Annie. She stared in disbelief and had to Google it immediately to find out if that really was a song. Kids these days don't know how many great (LOL) songs they've missed out on.

Granny Sue said...

I remember that song! Yes, we grew up with some good music. I enjoyed visiting your blog too and will add you to my blogroll so I can keep up with you. I'm a glassaholic :) Love glass of all kinds and have learned a good bit since I retired and started selling. I keep an awful lot of the old glass I find, though--it fascinates me. That bowl of yours is a really sweet piece.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

What a lovely treasure you found in this lady - there are jewels shining that we often miss. How lucky that you stopped - she sounds amazing. Happy weekend.

Steve Ferendo said...

I used to help my parents and grandparents pick greens of all types. I always looked forward to eating them with some fodder beans and corn bread. Special memories from 50 years ago.

Quinn said...

So many good tips from that Ramp Lady! Thanks for sharing :)

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