Monday, April 16, 2018

Such Beauty As My Eyes Have Seen

It was a weekend to remember.

Sometimes I think there can be no place on earth as beautiful as these mountains I call home. This past weekend only confirmed that belief.

I spent the days in the company of other poets, in a secluded mountain camp. Words flowed like the water in the nearby river--talk about inspiration and renewal. Ir was a needed break, and I enjoyed every minute.

I took time for a walk too. The sun was not yet up when I started out.

Pink in the sunrise was deceptive; the day was clear and warmer than normal for the time of year. Perhaps it was predicting the rain coming the next day.

Mountain laurel lined the path in some areas. This trail is an old railbed, built in the early days of logging the virgin timber in the region.

You can see the sun beginning to creep over the hills...

and suddenly it was fully day.

I found some trillium getting ready to bloom,

and bloodroot already opening.

The next photos were taken along the road home.

This is Crupperneck bend, a horseshoe bend in the wild Gauley River.

Rain started soon after I stopped here, and my mind bent towards home and my man who stayed there to mind the homefires. He greeted me at the door, and had dinner on the table. I am blessed indeed.

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Jenny said...

I haven't traveled as much as you but I've traveled all along the west coast & almost all the way to the east coast.....I've never seen any place that's as beautiful as West Virginia mountains. It's the most peaceful beautiful place on earth to me.

Brig said...

How beautiful it is there! I haven't been further East than Illinois & Mississippi. Thanks for sharing!

Quinn said...

Glad you had such a great weekend! Sometimes there's nothing like a new horizon to set your eyes on and free your mind :)

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