Thursday, July 12, 2018

Beans and Pickles and Stories and Booths

This has been a week of, there, everywhere.

It started Sunday with the great sort and continued Monday when we took a load of new items to our Ravenswood booths. I really wanted to rest on Monday, but it was more important to get things to the booth and not back into storage. That evening we put up green beans, as they were ready. I was up til the wee hours getting finished but had 14 quarts of goodness to show for it.

Tuesday Larry had therapy and I was back at Ravenswood to finish up the work I'd started, and to pick up this nice cedar chest.

Had a little traffic in the road on the way; two baby raccoons. Cute as they could be. One hung around long enough for a quick photo with my phone.

I got home in time to make dill pickles, another 14 quarts for the cellar.

Yesterday we were up bright and early, out of the house by 6am to get to my performance site in the southern part of the state.

This was a library program and the group was mostly preschoolers. When I realized the age group I did a quick change-up of the stories I planned to tell, dropping some and adding others more suitable for little ones, and also added in a circle dance. We had great fun!

We came home and took a short nap before heading out to the gardens, then it was off to pick up a nice birch dropleaf table and 6 chairs. These are really in good condition, and I am going to try selling them without painting as they are just too nice as they are. The man who was selling them lived beside his in-laws, and they come over to see what was going on. We had a good visit with them, learning some history of the this little town (Cottageville, WV) that I had not formerly known. I hope to go back for a longer visit and another history lesson.

Today Larry has physical therapy again and I am taking some oak chairs to Ravenswood--I think this will finally finish up the work that needed to be done there! Tomorrow is more storytelling, this time in the northern part of the state, and maybe we can stop at Marietta to restock our booths there.

And the weekend? All clear! Won't that be a change! It is surely summer, and this mad pace is the norm for this time of year. I have a basket full of garden produce that is crying out to be made into stir-fry and so far haven't had time to do it. Maybe this evening.

I feel so fortunate to be able to have such a full life, even if it gets a little hectic. But I admit, some down time would be welcome about now.

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Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Hi Sue - a summer full to the brim!

Nance said...

We can't let the good garden produce go to waste, can We? We are eating cucumbers every way we can think of, made dill relish and keeping family and friends in cukes.

What a summer schedule you and Larry keep!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Life is so hectic now, I can't wait for the Fall to come.

Quinn said...

I love birch - bet that set is lovely! And I'm very partial to cedar as well, and have a small cedar wardrobe from my childhood house that I had stripped and refinished, and an old cedar chest in fair shape that I was given on free cycle several years ago. It had been in a cellar, but I think the mustiness may finally be gone! I'd take another in a heartbeat - but maybe not another cellar-stored one ;)

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